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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Online Mega Millions Lottery Info & News

One of the best ways to get the most out of a lottery game experience is by playing online. There are many reasons why players might find online lottery websites more comfortable and more convenient to use than by playing the lottery games the old fashioned way. This being said, not all lottery sites are created equal, which is why we encourage all passionate Mega Millions players to consider Mega Millions-Lotto as their main web resource for the Mega Millions lottery.

The MegaMillions Lottery Experience at Your Finger Tips

American Mega Millions lottery is one of the most often played games on the web. The Mega millions lottery is played by an extremely large number of players from all over the world. Here is the first and most important advantage of playing online lotteries: players can access foreign lotteries as well as national lottery games in one convenient location. As all of our Mega millions players will attest to, playing from an online platform transforms the entire lottery experience into a convenient mobile playing experience which can be played from the comfort of one’s home or office.

Mega Millions is without any doubt one of the most popular lotteries, not only in the US that are homeland to this game, but also abroad. The largest number of Mega Millions players outside the US is located in Europe. The fact that huge amounts of people are currently playing the MegaMillions lottery, just goes to prove how popular the game is throughout the world. Considering that Europe has the largest number of lottery winners in the world, and the fact that so many Mega Millions player are European, shows what a great game it truly is.

Mega Millions Jackpot Info

One of the best reasons to play the Mega Millions lottery is that this game allows players to have great odds of winning as compared to other lottery games. Moreover, since 2013, jackpot amounts are larger, increasing from $12 million to $15 million (with a minimum jackpot growth of $5 million, if the jackpot is not won). This includes the second prize winner which can produce major wins as well, even reaching as much as $1 million. Additional minor prizes are also a great opportunity for Mega Millions players.

Mega Millions Draws & Game Matrix

Drawings take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The draws consist of 5 white balls and 1 gold ball, which is called the Mega Ball and it’s a complementary number ball increasing players’ chances of winning the Mega Millions jackpot. The Mega Millions game matrix is of 5 main numbers + 1 Mega Ball number. Players must select their 5 main numbers from a pool of 1-to-75 numbers, while the gold ball number must be chosen from a separated pool of 1-to-15 numbers. As a result, players have a 1 in 15 odds of winning any prize.

The History of the Mega Millions Lottery

Did you ever wonder when the Mega Millions became so famous? The Mega Millions is a relatively older game, (which is why it’s more well-known than the Powerball) as it started its history in August 1996. Initially, when the Mega Millions was still new, it was known as the “Big Game”. The first draw took place in September of the same year. Originally, the participating States were 6: Illinois, Maryland, Georgia, Massachusetts, Virginia and Michigan. At the beginning of the game, there was one only weekly draw date on Fridays, and then in 1997 a second weekly draw was added on Tuesdays, which is a common feature among lottery games.

A Change for the Better

The second draw increased players chances of winning, as they had more opportunities to play and win a jackpot prize. At the same time, it allowed the game organizers to set up larger prizes at each draw, which made players very happy. In May 2002 the “Big Game” of American changed its name into Mega Millions. Changes didn’t stop there, because more States gradually joined the game, such as New York, Washington, Texas, California and Ohio. Moreover, the game matrix and prize amounts were changed in order to give players some additional thrills.

In December 2010, 23 more States joined the national Mega Millions lottery game as well as additional lottery games. Currently, Mega Millions is played in 45 States with larger starting jackpots and a million-dollar second prize. With all that the game has to offer, it’s no wonder why so many love taking their chance at winning the Megamillions lottery.