The only drawback was the need to constantly buy lottery tickets, spending money on it. Would you like to play without spending a penny on it? Do you think this doesn’t happen? There are free online lotteries with real money prizes, where you can win money without any investment. There are at least a dozen sites that provide everyone with this opportunity.

Where does the money come from?

Free online lotteries give all their participants a chance to try their luck, and absolutely for free. No attachments. Most of these services do not even have such a point as entering funds. There is only a withdrawal of the earned winnings to your account.

Of course, the amount of winnings here is not comparable to real lotteries. During the day you can win the amount from a few pennies to between 10 and 100 dollars. Experienced players can get many times more.

As a result, some may get a very decent amount for a month. There is an opportunity to hit online jackpot, the amount of which can range from $ 10,000 to $ 300,000. Given the fact that the draws happen every day, there is always a chance to win.

Where does the money come from to pay for winnings? This is ADVERTISING!!!

All live at the expense of advertisers. They pay money for impressions, and the organizers attract people with free lotteries-they organize traffic, share part of the profits by forming a prize fund and paying participants. And of course, they don’t forget about themselves.

As a result, we get a scheme where everyone get profit. The lottery is free with real winnings. It attracts fans with freebies, increases attendance and consequently increases the income of lottery organizers.

A reliable lottery with real winnings

If you search for sites using the browser search, you will find probably a dozen similar services from the least visited, to the more popular ones with a daily number of visitors in the tens of thousands. It is better to choose the largest from all this variety. Why?

  1. Large resources allow you to win more significant prizes-tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (if you are lucky).
  2. High traffic already indicates the trust of users.
  3. Small sites, due to their low traffic, can simply collapse their activities in one day and all your savings (though they are small) will disappear along with them.

Then, it is advisable to read user reviews of these resources. You should find out who won, how much and how often. Read about the withdrawal of money to your account, how long it takes for the payment to cone. You should know whether there are pitfalls and other problems. In general, read the common opinion of all users. Of course, there will always be negative opuses. But in general, you will have a certain opinion. As a result, you can select 2-3 good services.

It is based on this criterion that I tried to select several proven and the best (in my opinion) similar free jackpot game.

And what happened? Almost all a dozen and a half services dropped out. The reasons are different: delays in payments, up to a complete freeze of the won funds, a high withdrawal threshold that money should be collected for almost a year, unreasonable blocking of participants ‘ accounts. Over the past month, several of the largest sites have been blocked altogether.

In the end, there was only one left. The vast majority of users respond positively to it. There are no serious complaints.