Do you know such games as:

  • Keno
  • Lotto
  • Bingo
  • Jackpot

Of course, you’ve heard about these lotteries from advertising, due to the Internet, and saw posters in bank branches promising a million-dollar prize to a future lucky player.

Games with money are only profitable for the state, if this happens in real life. Since we are in the virtual world, online lottery games give you pleasure without loss. Here, if your bet works, you do not need to pay taxes on the winnings and fear for their safety. No one will steal your ticket, but the capital will remain intangible, displayed only in the form of points scored. Playing jackpot games online, you do not gain anything, but you do not lose anything.

Believe me, you can regularly buy lottery tickets all your life and stay with an empty wallet. If you calculate the amount spent on their purchase, it turns out that you could easily buy a car.

Winning lottery games

Who hasn’t dreamed about becoming a millionaire overnight? Everyone has dreamed about it at least once. Gamblers regularly buy tickets, but only the chosen ones are lucky. They are led by the fortune which directs them to the correct choice of winning numbers. Our lottery games will help you find out whether you are one of these people.

Play Bingo by covering the declared numbers on the cards with barrels or chips. When you close everything, you can consider yourself a winner. The virtual version is similar to a board game called “Lotto”, where each number on the barrel has its own name, for example:

  • 11-drumsticks
  • 6-fallen angel,
  • 44-high chair,
  • 2-Swan,
  • 90-granddad.

A version of the lottery game with a drum and numbered balls rotating in it is also available on the site. It is based on a similar game popular in Soviet times, which was almost forced to play by distributing tickets at businesses and stores. They were given for change, as a reward and in addition to the load of permits.

Players had to fill out their part of the ticket, and when the live drum gave out one ball each, everyone who participated in the lottery watched the result with hope. Lotteries of that period gave you not only money, but also equipment – washing and sewing machines, cars, televisions. If the numbers in the ticket did not match completely, the participant could become the lucky owner of three or one dollar.

Excitement at all times

People have always wanted to get rich instantly, without making any effort – to get an inheritance, something as a gift, find a treasure, win the lottery. Those who managed to be among the lucky ones immediately become known, which only heats up the excitement of the rest.

Lotteries have been organized since ancient times. They were not always successful, and often the organizers, having incorrectly calculated the conditions of the event, had a disadvantage. The rich held lotteries for entertainment and to help the poor, when a certain amount was paid for each hundredth ticket.

Today, official lotteries are controlled by the state, but there are sites where the draw is held online. These are paid resources that are not responsible to the players. If you don’t want to feel cheated, stay with us. We have only safe and free Lotto game products for children and parents, bringing joy and fun.