The main difference from the largest lotteries when you buy a ticket is the instant result. You do not need to wait for the draw for several days.

In addition, there are several beneficial differences from the accepted standard:

  1. Minimum bids. It is too much to pay 100-200 dollars for a ticket. Just 50 cents are enough to participate. And you’re in.
  2. The maximum amount is not limited. You bet 10 dollars and increase your chances of winning 10 times. And so on.
  3. The draw takes place every 1-3 minutes. You bet money and get the result. You either win or lose.
  4. Welcome bonus. The service gives you a few dollars for registration. Of course, it is not a lot, but enough to try your luck and feel the excitement of the game.
  5. Receive a cash bonus every day. Just log in the game, click the “Bonus” button and you’ll get some money (from a few cents to a few dollars) on the account.
  6. The service takes a fee of 10-20% of the prize pool. The rest goes to the winner. Do you think this is a lot? The organizers of the largest lotteries take 50-70% of the collected money, the rest goes to the winners.
  7. There is no need to buy a “happy” ticket. Everything happens in real time. You are competing for the right to win with the same players as you.


  1. You will definitely not win millions to buy an apartment, a car or a country house. The prize fund is formed by the participants. The maximum amount of winnings depends on the sum the participants bet.
  2. There is a possibility of manipulating the outcome of events by the organizers. No one knows how the winner is chosen. But when you think about it you doubt that somebody needs the broken money of participants. Moreover, the service can earn quite well on fees.

How to play the instant lottery

We present to you a number of popular services of Indian online lottery. The principle of operation is almost identical.

How to play?

Instant lottery is based on purchased tickets. According to the theory of probability, each ticket has an equal chance of winning. Accordingly, the more tickets one player holds, the higher their chances of winning.

You can win from one or two dollars, up to several hundred at a time. On average, depending on the time, each lottery involves a couple or several dozen people.

Affiliate program

Additionally, you can get money by inviting friends to play online lottery. The service has a three-level partner program.

It means that you will receive deductions not only from your invited friends, but also from attracted users by your friends and their partners.

How much do they pay?

There is not a lot of money, but it’s a freebie. And it’s nice. Moreover, invited users are assigned to you for life.

There is a percentage deduction from the player’s bet.

  • Level 1 — 5%;
  • Level 2 — 2%;
  • Level 3 — 1%.

Let’s make it clearer. For example, inviting one “gambling” player who will play from time to time for 15-20 minutes, you can participate in at least 10-15 draws and bet just one dollar. You can easily win back 1 000 — 2 000 parties for a month or two. Your reward will be 50-100 dollars just for sending a link to this friend.

Thus, you can dream and calculate in your mind the level of your future income. But in practice, this may not be the case at all. Here an important factor is your sociability and social circle (the more friends you have — the more it will be likely to have free profit).

Luck is also important (as in the lottery). You can have hundreds of friends and get nothing. Or you can just invite one or two people who will either be avid players themselves, or bring hundreds of their own. And, thus, you will get much more profit.