The system operates according to the principle of selling virtual tickets with an automatically assigned number, the prize combination is determined by a software random number generator and displayed on the screen as a set of symbols on the reel.

Due to a number of features, instant online lottery does not apply to gambling and is distributed absolutely legally. Attention! The site is not intended for persons under 18 years of age!

Types of lotteries


In the Bingo lottery, players are given a card that consists of a random set of numbers. The numbers of game balls are drawn randomly, and if they match the numbers on the player’s lottery card, the player crosses them out. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal sets of crossed-out numbers lead to wins.

The rules may vary with respect to the number of game balls that are opened during the draw, and the number of lottery cards available to a single player. Operators can also enable additional features such as additional bonuses and prize cards.


The principle of the game resembles Bingo in its most important aspect — the game balls with numbers are drawn randomly, and the players hope that the numbers of the balls will match the numbers on the lottery card. The difference between Keno is that users choose the numbers themselves and add them to their map. Developers often offer different versions of Keno games with different themes and features in order to diversify the gaming experience.

Since winning is completely dependent on the number of correctly guessed numbers, there is help for players to make their predictions — users can analyse statistics and probability.

Instant lottery

Instant online lottery India is extremely simple in nature. Tickets can be sold out either using online vending machines or using other devices. Users will immediately know the result, whether they win or not. The online lottery purchase is a digital version of traditional tickets.

Legalization of lotteries

While the Internet erases territorial borders, it should be remembered that the legalization of lotteries depends on each individual region. At the same time, a large group of countries are “in favour” of lotteries, because they are able to prevent fraudulent transactions, promote fair play and are in demand by the audience.

Lotteries are also a legal form of business in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. In Africa, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya are among the countries that allow lotteries.

Sign-up bonuses in the lottery

The so-called “Welcome package” implies cashback for the first three deposits, as well as a certain number of free spins. They can be either standard or premium.

Wagering is X35, that is, if you want to withdraw bonus money to a real account, you need to scroll the amount in the slots the specified number of times. On the site you will see which slot machines are suitable for wagering.

Please note that free spins are not credited simultaneously for each Deposit, but within 3-5 days.