Learn All About Mega Millions Draws, Latest News & Tips

There are many facts that lottery players are interested to learn about their favorite lottery game. Today, Mega Millions players who decide to use our online platform can take advantage of real-time results of drawings, top updated latest news and important information about how draws take place and security of the game system.

Take a Chance

For many online players, security is the most essential point when coming to an online game, regardless of what kind of game it is. It’s obviously very important to play in a safe environment, so that you are not taken advantage of in any way. We are proud to announce that our platform offers 100% safe and regulated lottery gaming options and features in order to allow all players the same level of high quality security measures.

Mega Millions draws, as with all lottery game draws, consist of land-based drawing, that takes place on specific days of the week, namely on Tuesdays and Fridays at WSB-TV studio in Atlanta at 11:00pm (Eastern Time), and that are made through the use of a randomized draw machine. Knowing that the machine is randomized and secure, should assure all players that they are taking part in a fair game each time they participate.

A Secure Game

In particular, the Mega Millions draws are conducted under very rigid security procedures:

· Outside auditors can assure public about safety of drawing machines and random selection of numbers

· Pre-drawing tests are conducted to assure public about fairness and total randomness of each Mega Millions result

· Post-drawing tests complete the certification process

· Two Mega Millions lottery officials + one auditor conduct tests

· The whole testing process is recorded on videotape for further back-control

Important Facts about Lottery Scams

All Mega Millions lottery players should be alerted to the existing issue of lottery scammers who falsely use Mega Millions name over the web. Some scam emails are very easy identifiable if won knows what to look for. These emails often feature sentences and phrases, such as “You’ve won the lottery!” or “You’re the lucky winner of Mega Millions!”. The goal of all scams is the same: they try to convince you to send them money or personal details. Remember that in any case of winning, you WON’T have to communicate your personal information or to send money!

In many cases, it all comes down to false Mega Millions websites or platforms, that pretend to be affiliates of the national American Mega Millions lottery. Actually, no representative of Mega Millions would send people emails or even call to inform about winning a prize. If you play the Mega Millions-Lotto and you really win a prize, you will receive an email at your email address informing you about the winning and you will see it’s true because your bank account will be incremented with the full prize’s amount. Since scammers use many tools and strategies, and because scams can take several forms, players must pay particular attention and trust only 100% regulated and verified platforms when playing lottery games.

Keep in mind that Mega Millions is a game, not an organization.

How to Select Numbers

To the amateur player, the lottery numbers that are chosen are not necessarily very thought out. Experienced players might know otherwise. As a matter of fact, there are some numbers that appear more often in the Mega Millions drawn. This feature is known to be true to all other lottery games as well. Players would be well advised to think about which numbers are most commonly drawn and try to include one or more of them I their sets of numbers in order to increase their odds of winning. You can still choose the numbers of dates that are important to you, such as birth dates, marriage dates, children’s birth dates… just be sure to also include winning numbers in your play as well. According to Mega Millions lottery experts, players should use the entire range of 1-to-75 numbers and of 1-to-15, with particular attention to most drawn numbers.