Why We Believe We Can Win the Mega Millions Lottery

We all like to think of ourselves as smart, logical, and intelligent human beings who have the ability to use our wit and sense of reason when it comes to making decisions. The question that then arises is why exactly we all think that our single Mega Millions ticket could win us the lottery. Think about how many people play the Mega Millions lottery and consider how many prizes there are to be won. Our chances of actually wining are astronomical. Think about it like this, you are more likely to be struck by lightning or hit by falling star than you are to winning the lottery. So, even though the probability of winning is pretty slim, what is it about the Mega Millions that keeps drawing us in time and again?

Risk Vs Reward

There are many reasons to play the MegaMillions. The main reason to buy a ticket has to do with the concept of risk and reward. For every action that we do in our life, we either consciously or subconsciously measure our actions to see if the risk that we put in to an action is larger or smaller than the reward. Let’s give an example of this to make things a little clearer: A home burglar is thinking about breaking into a house. If the house he wants to steal from is unguarded and unlocked, the chances of him getting caught in the act of stealing are somewhat minimal.

Morals aside, if the thief weighs the risks of breaking into the house he will see that it is very low, because the house in unprotected. At the same time, he might recalculate his decision to break into the house if he sees that there is a monitoring system in place, or an alarm, as it will bring the risk factor up significantly depending on the variables. What if the house was guarded but the thief knows that inside the home is a treasure chest full of gold and jewels? In that case the risk would be high, and the reward would be even higher! When it comes to the Mega Millions lottery, there is very little risk involved. All it takes is a dollar to play, so even if someone spends $25 on lottery tickets, the risk he takes is very minimal. On the other hand, look at the reward factor. The possibility of winning millions of dollars is so incredibly tempting compared to the minimal investment that’s necessary, that it’s almost a misnomer. The question that most of us think about is why not to play the lottery. It turns out it’s our reasoning skills that tell us to get ourselves in on the lottery game.

Believing We Can Win

In addition to all that, there are several other reasons to play the Mega Millions. Another reason might be that in some part of our brain we believe that we’re likely to win. There is also the element of fantasy that’s involved, as winning the lottery is truly a dream come true. The image of a hardworking individual being able to give in his notice at work and retire early to live in a massive mansion is a fantasy that so many of us can relate to. It is that same level of hopefulness that gives ill people the courage to fight their diseases even when the odds are not in their favor. The hope and dream of winning the lottery is something so powerful, that playing the MegaMillions gives us a bounce in our step and a glisten in our eyes. When it comes down to it, playing the lottery is really all about hope, and that’s something we could all use a little more of in our lives. So go ahead and try your luck! Don't forget to use our Megamillions numbers generator free tool to increase your chances in winning!